Color phases in Aladdin lamps

 I'm sure this will open a can of worms but like I said before--take my opinions for what they are worth and then make your own decisions.

 In talking to Mr. Courter, the author of "Aladdin the Magic Name in Lamps", I asked him how to identify an "Emerald Green" lamp. His reply was: First it must be a dark emerald green color, and second it will have an "a" on the outer rim of the base.

 Well that sounded simple enough, but the glitch seems to be, "what is Emerald Green?" The lamp below seems to fit the description but I've been told by at least two collectors that it is not an Emerald Green lamp. They say that "Emerald Green" is more of a bluish green-- And I have seen at least two lamps that fit this description, and are considered as Emerald Green lamps by their owners. Both those Aladdin lamps had a very blue cast to them. Enough so to be considered at least a color phase, if not a separate color in itself. So in getting back to the lamp below, is this lamp Emerald Green, or is "Emerald Green" the color that has a blue cast to it? Or are they both Emerald Green but just different color phases of it?

 Look at the group picture below and you will see several Washington Drape plain stem Aladdin lamps. There are three shades of amber and two shades of green.--Or is it three shades of green and two shades of amber? Then look at the last picture of the amber lamps. I don't have a pink tint Washington Drape to show you, but then what does a pink tint Washington drape look like anyway??????????

 You figure it out, and I'll just keep looking!!

    The lamp on the far left has a reddish iodine tint to it, the next one has more of a green cast, then an amber! The two clear crystals are simply the one with the oil fill and the one without---at least that part is easy! Then comes a green crystal and whatever is next to it? The base on it sure looks dark green--what color is an emerald?
  I couldn't help it, I just had to put these amber lamps together. I think you can see the reddish cast to the lamp on the left. The next one is actually an olive drab color, then comes amber--I think--but then what is that one on the far right?

You will find that there are many color variations in all the Aladdin lamps. Some pinks are bright while others are very pale, reds range from an ugly iodine, to a very dark red that looks almost black. Yellows can run from a canary yellow, to a sickly greenish yellow. This is true of all the glass Aladdin lamps, including the moonstone lamps. So if you find a color that just doesn't look quite right to you--keep on hunting-- there is one you will like out there somewhere!


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